Flying Rates

Cessna 152 / Cessna 140

Solo Hire

£138.00/ hr Weekends #

£134.00/ hr Weekdays #

Flying Training (Dual)

£157.00/ hr Weekends #

£153.00/ hr Weekdays #

Trial Lesson (inc. day membership)

1/2 hr £85.00

1 hr £165.00

Cessna 172

Solo Hire

£161.00/ hr

Flying Training (Dual)

£177.00/ hr

Beagle Pup 150

Solo Hire

£159.00/ hr

Flying Training (Dual)

£175.00/ hr


A discounted flying rate is available if more than 10 hours of lessons are prepaid. Please contact us for more details.

Instruction in your own Aircraft

1 hr £55.00 inc vat (includes 1 landing at Derby) additional landings @ £5 each for members

Club Membership

All pilots and students are required to be current full club members. All passengers are required to be members (full, social or day). Rates below;

Full Member £70 (p.a.)

Social Member £25 (p.a.)

Temporary Member £25 (per month)

All prices include VAT and landing fees at Derby (except where noted). Rates charged brakes off to brakes on (nearest 5 mins).

Prices subject to change without notice.

# Rates from 1 March 2017. Please call for current rates.