Aircraft Parts for Sale

We currently have in stock probably the worlds largest holding of Beagle Pup and Cessna Cardinal Spares, together with other surplus stock.

Cessna 177 Cardinal - most parts factory new;


Control Cables (Flap, trim & others)

Exhaust mufflers & risers

Noseleg spares;

Steering heads


Torque links

NLG door parts


Lock mechanism parts

Main U/c Spares

Downlock shims

Up Bumpers

Lock spares

Wheel halves

Non return valves


Handpump handles & covers

Various interior trim parts

Flap Motors


Engine instruments


Door handles

Trim wheel assemblies

Park brake handles & spares

Various structural items

Yoke bushings

Electrical spares

etc etc etc


Beagle Pup - most parts factory new;

Various structural items - frames, doublers etc

Engine mounts

Flying Control Surfaces

Fuel Tanks (short range only)

Control Cables - virtually all P/ns

Fuel System Bits

Cowling parts

Inspection Panels

Seat Backs

Electrical spares

U/C leg fairings


Rudder pedals

etc etc etc



Please call for further details and pricing

Full p/n list to be added shortly