Other Courses Available

An outline of the courses available are listed below, for full course details, please contact us.

PFA Coaching

Differences Training

Safety Pilots Courses

AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate (RadNav)

Fun Flying & Aerobatics

Aerobatics Certificate (AOPA)

PFA Coaching

We can offer coaching / training on any PFA aircraft with our in house experienced instructors and official PFA coach.

Differences training

Under JAR differences training is required when converting to a type of aeroplane that has one or more of the following complexities:

1) Variable pitch propellors

2) Retractable undercarriage

3) Tailwheel undercarriage

4) Pressurisation

5) Forced induction (turbocharging and supercharging)

We can help with all of your requirements.

Safety Pilots Course

Formally known as the Air Wives course, it is a course of 5 hours of flight training that aims for a safety pilots to be able to land the aircraft in the event of the pilot being incapacitated, such as suffering a heart attack. It covers most of the syllabus as edited highlights, including VFR navigation and use of the radio.

AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate

UK National PPL holders who did not cover Radio Navigation in their PPL training (i.e. pre JAR) can do 5 hours of Radio Navigation to learn how to use VORs and NDBs.

Fun Flying & Basic Aerobatics

Although not technically a course, using our Bulldog aircraft, we can offer instruction in basic aerobatics and fun flying. The Bulldog is very fun and easy to fly, and definitely a silly grin aeroplane!!

AOPA Aerobatics Certificate

Training now available for issue of your Aerobatic Certificate, plus full enjoyment of our Bulldog aircraft during the course.