Night Rating

This Night Rating can be added to the holder of a PPL (JAR) Licence to allow he or she to act as pilot in command of an aeroplane at night. This qualification is only valid in the UK.

Experience and Training Requirements

When applying for a Night Qualification you must produce evidence of having met the following flying requirements:-

a) 5 Hours overall night training to include (b) and (c),

b.(i) 3 hours dual night training to include (ii);

(ii) 1 hour dual night navigation;

c) 5 Take-off and full stop landings at night as PIC of aeroplanes.

There is no bespoke test involved to qualify, however to instructor has to be satisfied that you are competent before signing the application form.

As Derby Airfield is not licensed for night operation, we have arranged to use other local airports to undertake our training. However we have in-house aircraft and instructors fully capable to allow you to complete this course.

It is usual for the night rating to be completed in just two nights.