Services Available at Derby Airfield

Avgas 100LL

Avgas POA

Oil - Aeroshell


Aeroshell S80, W80, 15W50 held in stock.

Aeroshell Diesel 10W40 (inc VAT) £12.20 / Litre

Other by request.

Landing Fees (All inc VAT)

£10.00 Single Engined Aircraft

£25 Helicopter or Twin Engined Aircraft (50% with fuel)

£5.00 Members

Aircraft Parking

Overnight Parking £4.00 inc VAT

Weekly Parking £25.00 inc VAT

Quarterly Parking £250 inc VAT (Paid in advance)



Overnight Hangarage £15.00 inc VAT

£2800.00 inc VAT per annum (paid quarterly in advance)

Prices subject to change without notice.