Radio Telephony License (RT)

The Flight Radio Telephony Operator's License is completed as standard during your PPL and NPPL course.

This license enables you to legally and correctly use the radio to communicate for information and emergency services.

It involves using the radio in the aircraft to communicate the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and other services to gain experience in using the radio and using the correct terminology. This is completed during your normal lessons.

A simple multi-choice exam is required to be passed. All PPL exams are administered, sat and marked in house. Various recommended text books are available. Click Here for Pilots shop.

An oral test is also required to be passed, in which the candidate will use a intercom system to simulate use of the radio. Once again the examiner and facility in in-house.

Ground school courses are available and regularly run to cover both the written and oral exams. This course will also help in understanding exactly what (& when) to say whilst flying. Ground school is usually held in very small groups or one-to-one.

The course (& exams) is also available for non-flyers who wish to learn and qualify to use the radio. This may be of interest to anyone wishing to operate the radio at the airfield, to aid pilots with vital information when using the airfield.

Derby Airfield has its own control tower, using its own radio service - known as 'Derby Radio'. Volunteers are always welcome in helping man the tower.