Aircraft Maintenance Prices

LAMS/LAMP Inspection Charges

A/C Type

6 Mth Check

50hr Check

150 hr Check

Annual/ Star Annual

Fixed Gear Single





Fixed Gear Single (VP)





Single RG





Light Twin






These prices are for the full inspection and service and include all LAMS/LAMP items for engine & airframe. They also include battery capacity test and instrument calibration check (in situ only).

Not included; defect rectification, flight test fees, CAA fees, mandatory modifications & inspections (ADs, ANs, SBs etc), avionics annual, compass swing, specialist services, all parts, materials & consumables.

Avionics Annual £110 (£30 extra for 36 month items)

Compass Swing £75

Additional labour for items not included in inspection (from 01/06/18)

Airframe (General Maintenance) £54.00/manhour

Workshop £80.00/manhour.

Avionics / Autopilots £65.00/manhour.

Airworthiness Review Certificate Renewal (plus CAA validity fee) or Annex 2 aircraft CofA renewal (recommendation)

Single (Initial Inspection) - £395.00

Single - £275.00

Multi - £425.00

Multi (Initial Inspection) - £595.00

ACF50 Anti Corrosion Treatment (single) £225

includes labour & fluid - when aircraft already open for inspection

Please call for full information and work estimates for any task you require.

No landing fees at Derby Airfield for maintenance related flights.

Aircraft collection and delivery service (FREE) - call for full details.



All prices plus VAT.

Prices subject to change without notice.