The IMC Rating

Do you want to improve your flying ability? The IMC course is valuable training to allow you to fly legally when others are forced to stay on the ground.

How often have you tried to fly on a sunny day only to find you are peering through haze with no visible horizon? Are you fed up of groping your way around under a grey sky at 1000' agl when only 2000' above the sun is shining and there's 20 km visibility!

We can teach you the secrets of instrument flying so that you can enjoy the privileges of the IMC rating. You can start as soon as you have your PPL (JAR) and with our modular course we aim to improve your cross country flying in as little as 5 hours by teaching you basic radio navigation skills.

The IMC rating extends the privileges of a PPL holder to allow flight as PIC:-

1) Out of sight of the surface.

2) In a control zone with a special VFR clearance in a flight visibility less than 10 km but greater than 3km.

3) When in IMC outside controlled airspace notified for schedule 8.

4) Carrying passengers above 3000 ft amsl in IMC or in a flight visibility less than 5 km at or below that height, when outside controlled airspace notified for the purposes of schedule 8 to the ANO.

5) During takeoff and landing with a flight visibility below cloud of not less than 1800 metres.

Experience and Training Requirements.

At the time of applying for an IMC rating the following are required:-

1) 25 hours experience as an aeroplane pilot since applying for the PPL. This must include the following:

10 hours PIC of which 5 hours must be on cross country flights. The remaining 15 hours may include the dual instrument training for the IMC rating.

2) A Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence.

The training includes 15 hours instruction in instrument flying of which 10 hours must be by sole reference to instruments.

Typically 20 hours of ground training is required covering the following syllabus:-

i) Physiological factors

ii) Flight instruments

iii) Aeronautical Information Service

iv) Flight planning

v) Privileges of IMC rating

On completion of the training a written test and flying test have to be passed with one of our examiners.

The rating is then valid for 25 months and can be renewed with a simple revalidation flight test.

Our modular IMC is designed to allow you to complete the training in short sessions taking only one or two days at a time.

Module 1 (5 Hours)

Aim: Competent full panel instrument flying and radio navigation.

Training: Full panel instruments attitude flight, basic and intermediate flight manoeuvres.

VOR tracking

ADF tracking

VOR, ADF and VDF position fixing

Bad weather circuits

Module 2 (5 Hours)

Aim: Emergency instrument flying procedures. Radar 'talkdown' approach.

Training: Revision of full panel instrument flying

Limited panel instrument flying

Partial panel instrument flying

Surveillance Radar Approach

Recoveries from unusual attitudes

Module 3 (5 Hours)

Aim: Successfully complete pilot interpreted instrument approaches. Prepare for IMC flight test.

Training: ILS approaches

NDB approaches

Holding procedures

Revision of partial and limited panel instrument flying.


As we have well equipped aircraft, we can also offer additional pre-Instrument Rating training using the following equipment;

Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)

Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI)

Global Positioning System (GPS - IFR Approved)

Area Navigation (RNAV)

These types of systems are usually only found on larger more complax aircraft!