At Airspeed Aviation Ltd with have the following capability in-house;

EASA Part M Subpart G Approved for ARC Renewals and Issues, and Continued Airworthiness Management for most aeroplanes to 2730kg MTOM. (Approval No UK.MG.0308)

EASA Part M Subpart F Approved for Aircraft, Engine and Component Maintenance and Overhaul for all aircraft upto 5700kg. (Approval No UK.MF.0010)

M3 Approved (BCAR A8-15) to carry out maintenance & CofA renewal to aeroplanes up to 2730kg MTOM. (Approval No AMR/179)

Design of Minor Modifications and STC validation.

Lloyds Insurance work approved.

Airworthiness Directive (AD) Compliance

CAA Approved Welding (all types)

Wood & Fabric Recovering

Magneto Internal Inspection/Service/Overhaul

Propeller Inspection/Overhaul

Carburettor Internal Inspection/Service

CofA Flight Tests (Single & Multi)

Compass Swings


ACF50 Anti-Corrosion Treatment

Microlon Anti-Friction Treatment

Undercarriage Health Checks


We have the following licence cover available in-house;


EASA Part 66 Licences - In Categories B1, B2 and C (Metal, Composite and Wooden Aircraft)

CAA BCAR Licences in the following categories; 

A 5.0 Composite Aircraft

A 5.1 Wooden Aircraft

A 5.5.1 Metal Aircraft up to 2730kg (inc pressurised)

B 5.1 Wooden Aircraft Overhaul/Repair

B 5.7.1 Metal Aircraft Overhaul/Repair

C 6.3 Piston Engines in Aeroplanes

D 6.3 Piston Engine Overhaul/Repair

R 12.2 Communication & Navigation Systems

R 12.3 Radar Systems

X 15 Compass Compensation & Correction

Our dedicated facility allows us to cater for numerous aircraft together, and owning the airfield means we can do what we like - such as no landing fees for maintenance related flights, no parking charges when aircraft in for maintenance etc.

We also have ample workshop and storage facilities.

Performance Modifications our speciality.

Full Service Centre for Beagle Pup, Bulldog and Cessna aircraft (including C177RG Cardinal)